Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Stolen Day With the Mountains

Saturday we awoke to cold temperatures, but beautiful sunshine. Sometimes here on the coast we see so little sunshine in the winter that when we get a day like this I can hardly wait to get out in the country. Lucy and I headed out to the valley and spent a day with the mountains.
Mountains have always made me feel at home. I remember when I lived in Florida one of the things I missed the most about home was the mountains. I have grown up surrounded by mountains and I delight in their magnificence. I especially love it when they are covered with snow. We drove around all over the valley stopping and looking up at the mountains and the snow covered trees. Lucy had a run at her favorite beach, only this time it was covered with snow instead of sand. So I have put up a flick'r badge for those who also love to lose themselves in the snow covered mountains.
And then of course there are always the sweet surprises in the trees.


  1. You put that day back,, someone might need it…thief…
    Anyone who moves from the sunny beaches of Florida to
    the land of the frozen tundra has got to be Catz…

    Oh,, yea…Nice picture of a duck in a tree…Is that the same
    tree you had,, that always went booooooo when I came by?...

  2. wow...that first pic is so pretty. It would be cool to paint because of the pink on the least it looks pink on my screen. Very pretty.